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ADS-TEC Energy showcases its highly integrated and battery-based platform solutions at Europe’s largest energy industry forum “The smarter E Europe”

ADS-TEC Energy showcases its highly integrated and highly efficient system platforms consisting of hardware, software and services at "The smarter E Europe"

ADS-TEC Energy will present its diverse storage-based platform solutions in two exhibition booths at Europe’s largest forum for the energy industry, “The smarter E Europe”, June 14-16 in Munich. The smarter E Europe is comprised of four trade fairs in total: Power2Drive Europe, Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, and EM-Power Europe. At Power2Drive Europe, ADS-TEC Energy will showcase its ChargeBox and ChargePost ultra-fast charging systems. At ees Europe, the company will present its industrial storage solutions PowerBooster and StorageRackSystem, which have been developed for indoor and outdoor industrial use. The event, themed “Creating a New Energy World,” will focus on charging systems and electric vehicles, traction batteries, and mobility services. Other ADS-TEC Energy partners will also be represented here, including JOLT Energy, amperio and GP Joule.

Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC Energy, said: “With our intelligent storage platforms for ultra-fast charging, ChargePost and ChargeBox, we are enabling the expansion of fast charging infrastructure in the power-limited grid, in places like inner cities. In addition, our industrial storage platforms PowerBooster and StorageRackSystem offer scalable large-scale storage systems as flexibility for self-generated energy from sustainable sources. All our presented platform solutions thus contribute to a sustainable and stable energy supply and accelerate the decarbonization of the energy industry. By offering new applications and services and the associated revenue, we promote the success of our business partners. The digital networking of our platforms also enables them to build and operate smart grids.”

Smart platforms for diverse business models and revenues

The battery storage-based, ultra-fast charging solutions ChargePost and ChargeBox offer integrated battery storage, including efficient power electronics and two ultra-fast charging points. ChargePost offers e-vehicles a charging capacity of up to 1 x 300 kW or 2 x 150 kW and enables storage capacity to be held in reserve for supporting self-generated energy, such as a photo-voltaic (PV) system. It can also be used for grid services and bidirectional storage operation. In addition to the battery storage system, ChargeBox comprises two individual charging dispensers that can be installed in a flexible manner. The charging power is up to 320 kW when one dispenser is used or 2 x 160 kW for two parallel-charging processes. Both fast charging systems are easy and convenient to connect to the existing grid – without requiring additional time and costs for grid upgrades. These platform solutions provide ADS-TEC Energy’s partners with additional revenue opportunities beyond charging through individual operator models.

ChargePost and ChargeBox can be linked decentrally across sectors – not only for use in electromobility, but also for buffering peaks of any kind, such as those generated by the operation of heat pumps during heating and cooling. In addition, further grid services can be provided with the bidirectional battery storage of ChargePost. This enables the storage and supply of PV energy to be used for energy consumption, energy trading (arbitrage), peak-load capping or the operation of e-charging stations. In addition, two 75-inch LED displays provide additional marketing or advertising space (Digital Out Of Home).

More resilience for critical energy infrastructures and against rising energy prices

At the ees Europe exhibition, ADS-TEC Energy will showcase its storage platforms for industrial and commercial applications in parallel. The “all-in-one” PowerBooster solution offers users from industry, agriculture and the photovoltaic sector a powerful outdoor battery storage system that combines all components (inverter, air conditioning and control) in a highly integrated device. It provides exceptional storage capacity, performance and scalability, has minimal space requirements, and is easy to control remotely. By temporarily storing self-generated renewable energy, users can become less dependent on rising energy prices, save high costs for further grid expansion and increase the share of renewable energy in their overall system. As an AC-coupled storage system in an outdoor cabinet, the PowerBooster offers 60 to 75 kW of active power and a nominal energy content of 84.6 to 128.7 kWh. ADS-TEC Energy’s StorageRackSystem indoor storage systems will also be on display at the exhibition: These are also complete systems with integrated inverters. As a compact indoor cabinet solution, they offer 42.9 kWh storage capacity and 25 kW active power.

Technology Engineered and Made in Germany

All ADS-TEC Energy systems are developed and manufactured in Germany. With our high level of development and manufacturing depth as well as the use of digital twins, the systems can be used in a long-term, safe, reliable and sustainable manner. All storage batteries are modular in design. The individual battery modules are always kept at the highest performance level by timely replacement, and the useful life of the battery storage systems is greatly extended thanks to our long-term service plan, “High Performance Battery Life Service”. The ADS-TEC Energy battery-management system identifies cells in a battery that are no longer functional. In this way, individual elements can be replaced in a targeted manner. This means a significantly reduced total cost of ownership as well as more sustainability over the extended service life.

You can find ADS-TEC Energy at Power2Drive Europe: Booth B6.154 and at ees Europe: Booth C2.150


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