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ADS-TEC Energy presents smart storage-based platform solutions for a sustainable, decentralized energy system at the Volta-X energy trade fair

Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of the Environment Thekla Walker, opens the fair together with BVES President Thomas Speidel

Today the new trade fair Volta-X – Energy Systems Expo opened its doors at Messe Stuttgart. For the first time, ADS-TEC Energy will present its comprehensive range of services and products with smart platforms that consist of hardware, software and services and always include an integrated battery storage for the efficient use of renewable energy. The solutions are an optimal basis for a sustainable, decentralized energy system and the networking of renewable energy generation, storage and bidirectional fast charging solutions in e-mobility. Thekla Walker, Minister of the Environment, Climate Protection and Energy Sector of the State of Baden-Württemberg, opened the trade fair together with Roland Bleinroth, Managing Director of Landesmesse Stuttgart and Thomas Speidel, BVES President and CEO ADS-TEC Energy. During the subsequent VIP tour, Thomas Speidel, in the presence of the minister, presented ChargePost, the compact “all-in-one” system that combines battery storage including power electronics and two ultra-fast charging points and provides electric vehicles with a maximum charging power of up to 1 x 300 kW or 2 x 150 kW. At the Volta-X trade fair, yearly review the results of the German Association of Energy Storage Systems (BVES) were also presented at the annual press conference.

Volta-X: Intelligent solutions for the energy transition

Volta-X presents intelligent solutions for the energy transition – from energy generation to control and storage technologies. Stronger linking of the electricity, heat and mobility sectors is essential in this context.

With topics such as energy management, smart grid, services and network planning, Volta-X is the ideal forum for ADS-TEC Energy, a company that has been developing and producing battery storage-based platform solutions ranging from large-scale industrial storage systems to intelligent charging stations, including software solutions, with a very high level of development and production depth, for over 10 years. CEO Thomas Speidel explains, “Here at Volta-X, we are showing how we intend to implement our strategy for building a sustainable, decentralized energy system with sector coupling. With our platform solutions as well as our market partners, we enable a renewable energy economy with intermediate storage, use in bidirectional charging stations for e-mobility to grid services such as energy trading and additional advertising space marketing.”

ADS-TEC Energy presents itself at the Volta-X with a booth of about 100 square meters. There, ChargePost will be presented to the public for the first time. It is one of the most compact battery-based DC charging solutions that can massively support the public grid infrastructure with ultra-fast charging on the smallest footprint without additional grid expansion. The “all-in-one” system, complete with charging electronics, battery storage, climate control technology and two charging points, offers up to 300 kW of DC power for one vehicle and 150 kW when both charging points are used simultaneously – with a battery capacity of 144 or 201 kWh – in about two square meters of floor space. ChargePost enables both bidirectional charging and the provision of storage capacity for feeding in the operator’s own generated renewable energy, for example with photovoltaics. In just a few minutes, enough energy for more than 100 kilometers of range is charged into a vehicle.

In addition, the ChargeBox will be presented at the fair. This battery-based ultra-fast charging solution can be installed partially recessed or also completely at ground level. Thanks to the flexible installation options, the two charging dispensers can each be set up up to 100 meters away from the ChargeBox charging cube – outdoors and indoors. This way, they for example enable ultra-fast charging even in car dealerships or underground garages. ChargeBox charges permanently from the respective available distribution grid and stores as well as boosts the charging power up to 320 kW at one charging point – or 2x 160 kW for two parallel charging processes. The system can thus be planned and installed quickly and conveniently, without additional time and costs for grid infrastructure expansion, and brings ultra-fast charging to city centers and rural areas.

Smart platform solutions for individual business models: Success potential for operators of charging infrastructure and key building block for the energy transition

The smart platform solutions offer business partners diverse business models and revenue streams for individual use cases. The mandatory installation of photovoltaics for new commercial buildings is starting to be implemented in a number of states already and even a EU-wide has been proposed – with the platforms from ADS-TEC Energy, the storage and feeding-in of PV energy is possible in terms of energy trading, peak load shaving and the operation of charging stations with bidirectional charging and additional marketing of advertising space. And all this with simple and fast planning as well as low effort for the installation within only a few weeks – without additional grid expansion of the respective grid operator, which consumes significantly more resources in comparison and only increases the charging capacity in the process.

A reliable and plannable model for success with expansion options for smart grids / micro grids and thus also decentralized power plants – for a stable, trouble-free and resilient power grid.

ADS-TEC Energy Services throughout the entire life cycle of the platforms

The very high depth of both development and production for all ADS-TEC Energy platforms offers customers additional planning and investment security. “Since we not only know exactly the quality and service life of our battery storage systems, but also our self-developed power electronics and operating and safety software, our warranty periods of at least 10 years are on a solid basis, and we can offer individually selectable services for our platforms,” explains CEO Thomas Speidel. “Via a digital twin with the customer’s respective usage scenario, we analyze, observe and track each of our platforms up to cell level and optimize them with predictive analytics during operation. Via remote maintenance services, we repair the platforms or activate on-site service.” This ensures reliable operation of the platforms throughout their entire lifecycle and enables us to support customers for decades to come.


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