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Abarth ‘fuoriserie’ at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show

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  • Abarth ‘fuoriserie’ programme
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Custom Attitude is the concept underpinning Abarth ‘fuoriserie’, the programme devoted to customers who want the exclusivity typical of custom cars together with top performance levels.  Abarth “fuoriserie” arose as a natural development of the world of Specialties, with which it shares the engine tuning of the standard 180 HP unit; it represents the greatest level of customisation combined with the exclusivity of a car built and dedicated to each individual customer. Specially crafted by a highly specialised team of Abarth designers, engineers and mechanics, each “fuoriserie” is a faithful reflection of the concepts at the heart of Abarth DNA: inspiration, passion and attention to detail, uniqueness, historical heritage, quest for efficiency, performance, spirit and high-tech appeal.

A genuine lovemark able to tell great stories through past values, present success and future challenges, Abarth sets its customers at the centre of its ‘fuoriserie’ programme, involving them personally in the creative process. Each “fuoriserie” vehicle is potentially different from all the others. Custom attitude is the possibility of choice: car liveries like tattoos on your skin, indelible and personal, unique feelings, accessories inspired by the Abarth brand, with an eye for innovation, technology and the latest trends.

Customers develop from simple fans of the brand (likers) or buyers (users) to players (makers) in the process of creating and developing their car.

In the wake of the ‘Olio Fiat’ livery launched in Paris, the Geneva Motor Show will host the debut of four examples of customised cars that push the boundaries of the concept of ownership and exclusivity. The New Heritage collection associated with the spirit of motorsport and the history of Abarth will feature the Abarth 695 ‘Record’ and the Abarth 695 ‘Scorpione’, with customisations that update the liveries of historical models, namely the Abarth 750 Record Bertone and the A112 or 124 Abarth.

The line-up at the Swiss show will also include the Abarth 695 ‘Hype’ and Abarth 695 ‘Black Diamond’ belonging to the New Wave collection, where the focus is on the latest trends and a quest for innovative materials and technologies.  The former is aimed at younger customers interested in cutting-edge trends, while the latter satisfies those seeking refinement and style.

Custom Attitude – an approach that Abarth has always followed in its product range – achieves an initial level of satisfaction with the Abarth 500 Custom: a conceptual blank sheet to be moulded in accordance with your personality. The range of personalisation options has now been extended through performance tuning kits, brake systems, exhaust systems and an extensive array of accessories, new colours and materials for exteriors and interiors.

The two customisations Abarth 595 ‘turismo’ and ‘Abarth 595 ‘competizione’ are genuine Abarth cars with a 160 HP tuned engine as standard. In particular, those who identify themselves by values such as style, refinement, comfort and the most exclusive sportiness with a preference for the world of ‘Gran Turismo’, the Abarth 595 ‘turismo’ offers special tuning for the engine, geometry and brake system in addition to a high level of interior and exterior detail. In the Abarth 595 ‘competizione’, the tuning also affects the exhaust system, with the “Record Monza” exhaust and ‘Abarth Corse by Sabelt®‘ sports seats as standard for those who see themselves as out-and-out race lovers, inspired by the no-holds-barred world of racing.

The ‘all inclusive’ customisation level is represented by the 695 Edizione Maserati, a distillate of sportiness, class and performance produced by Abarth and Maserati.

The Punto has also changed: the Punto Supersport takes to the street with a brand-new look. Custom Attitude is the common thread running through the entire Abarth range: customers can now choose a hand-crafted painted and polished roof and bonnet livery. From today, the 1.4 MultiAir engine upgraded to 180 HP also comes as standard.

Abarth is also increasing its power on the track: the classic races for the European, Italian and Swedish Trophies will see the addition of new challenges on the Benelux and Portuguese circuits. An international racing platform on tracks that have made motoring history, such as Monza, Nürburgring, Estoril and SPA. More than 5,000 kilometres of breathtaking bends, almost 1,800 minutes of throttling and overtaking to thrill an ever-growing number of drivers and fans As they do every year, these races will give everyone the opportunity to compete at accessible prices and showcase their talent with a view to becoming future stars of motorsport.

Race lovers who dream of the track can take part in the second edition of Make It Your race, a unique talent show for aspiring drivers: this race in stages starts with online selection and involves local events before allowing the very best to battle it out in a final race at Monza together with professional drivers. The entire exciting process will unfold in the same way as a talent show and be broadcast by international TV channels.

Make It Your race is not only for drivers: based on the principle of ‘Everyday challenge’, through an online platform that puts its users to the test every day, Abarth offers an official role in ‘team Abarth’ to anyone who wishes to take part: designers, bloggers, photographers, amateur videomakers, mechanics or aspiring paddock girls. More than 10,000 have already signed up for pre-registration, available from December on www.makeityourrace.it. The Geneva Motor Show period will see the official opening of registrations for participation in the most exciting challenge of 2013, online and directly at the stand.

Lastly, visitors will be introduced to the products of FGA Capital, a finance company specialising in the automotive sector, through illustrative materials and dedicated media at the stand. The finance company is operative in all the major European markets, and in Switzerland with Fidis Finance, with a sole mission: to support the sales of all Fiat Group Automobiles brand vehicles by offering innovative financial products with high added value services targeted to the dealership network, private customers and companies.

Success on and off the track
Within a complex scenario, Abarth has succeeded in achieving the goals set for 2012, hitting its target of 8000 on-road cars and nearly 4000 tuning kits sold in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asian areas. The result achieved due to a tight-knitted team that works by sharing actions and goals and an extraordinary network of dealers and official tuning shops, a phenomenon that is unique in its field and which, after branching out into new markets such as Finland and South Africa in 2011, forged further ahead into other new markets such as Morocco and Ukraine during the first half of 2012. In the United States too, marketing began of the Abarth 500 and Abarth 500c in the wake of their launch at the Los Angeles Motor Show, with excellent results in terms of sales and customer appreciation.

Abarth Specialties were also a big hit: after the Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari – all 1695 cars produced have now been sold since the launch in 2008 – special cars continue to be an important element for the company due to the outstanding results achieved by the Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati, officially launched at the start of the 2012 Mille Miglia. Only 499 examples were made of this limited edition car. To date, it is already being driven by 300 customers, one third of which are in Japan. This is a success story for a brand that has seen continual growth since its relaunch in 2007: 50,000 cars sold between the Abarth Punto and Abarth 500 saloon and convertible models.

Almost one third of the cars sold have been tuned with performance kits. These results are also reflected in the significant growth in the online Abarth community: with a Global Page that has attracted more than 530,000 fans on Facebook and one of the most numerous automotive brand communities in Europe. An active community that grows day by day, fuelling itself, creating new and original content and contributing to brand development. The 9000 videos loaded (out of 30,000 total registrations) by the aspiring Make It Your Race 2012 drivers are a shining example of this involvement and attachment to the brand.


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