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A hydrogen Solaris Urbino presented in Polish towns and cities

The most technologically-advanced of Solaris’ vehicles, i. e. the Urbino 12 hydrogen, is visiting a few Polish towns and cities this week

The most technologically-advanced of Solaris’ vehicles, i. e. the Urbino 12 hydrogen, is visiting a few Polish towns and cities this week. The qualities and assets of the hydrogen bus are presented to the city authorities and the representatives of public transport operators in Jaworzno, Cracow, Konin, Włocławek and Poznań.

Solaris is Europe’s leading provider of emission-free solutions for city buses. With the launch of the Urbino 12 hydrogen bus that took place in June 2019 at the Global Public Transport Summit UITP in Stockholm, the manufacturer has extended its offer by a vehicle with a highly advanced drive type. This week, the hydrogen-fuelled bus is displayed in Jaworzno, Cracow, Konin, Włocławek and Poznań. The operators have an opportunity to examine the vehicle hands on, to become acquainted with its cutting-edge technology and even to take it for a test drive. Hydrogen buses are one of the options considered by those cities as an investment in the development of the emission-free public transport of the future.

The Urbino 12 hydrogen uses a set of 70 kW fuel cells to generate power. The hydrogen supplied to the fuel cells is turned into electricity, which, in turn, is feeding directly the bus drive system which consists of an axle with electric motors. The bus is also fitted with a Solaris High Power battery acting as an additional electric power storage facility. The hydrogen is stored in five composite tanks of the latest generation placed on the bus roof. The sole by-products generated during the operation of the Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen are heat and steam. Consequently, the vehicles do not release any noxious substances into the environment whatsoever. What is more, owing to the applied technology, Urbino 12 hydrogen buses are able to pull level with vehicles with conventional drives as regards their range.

The transformation to emission-free – i. e. the most resident- and environmentally friendly – public transport is an objective set by more and more European towns and cities. By adding the hydrogen bus to its product range, Solaris has appropriately responded to these needs. Clients from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Italy have already opted for this variant, having ordered a total of several dozen of Solaris buses running on electricity generated from hydrogen. Now, public transport operators in Poland will have an opportunity to witness its advantages by themselves.

SOURCE: Solaris

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