A full range of Mobilize services making life easier with the all-new Megane E-TECH electric

Mobilize has a range of services with the All-new Renault Megane E-TECH Electric that make life easier and help people make the shift to electric mobility

Mobilize has a range of services with the All-new Renault Megane E-TECH Electric that make life easier and help people make the shift to electric mobility:

  • Mobilize Power Solutions: home-based charging solutions including charging station and installation
  • Mobilize Smart Charge: better managed at-home charging for a smaller energy bill and reduced carbon footprint
  • Mobilize Charge Pass: a unique access and payment system for the largest public network charging stations in Europe

Make charging at home easier with Mobilize Power Solutions: available when purchasing a vehicle, this fully digital solution runs thanks to an innovative tool powered by Google Maps

‘All-inclusive’ charging solutions, developed in partnership with Mobilize Power Solutions, will be available via the Renault network:

  • Customers can order their preferred charging solution – charging station or reinforced socket with included installation – directly from their Renault dealer when purchasing an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.
  • A fixed price is determined according to where the charging terminal will be installed at the customers house, without the need for a technician to be sent out on site, all thanks to an innovative tool powered by Google Maps
  • Placing an order with the dealer is entirely online: customers can accept the purchase order via electronic signature, and the deposit is made online via a secure link sent by SMS.
  • A Mobilize Power Solutions expert then contacts the customer to schedule the home installation, guaranteed to take place before receiving the car and within 45 days after placing the order.

All-inclusive offers for private owners will be available in France as of 15th February and starting in June in Germany for the launch of the All-new Megane E-TECH Electric. The roll-out will continue gradually in Europe from the second half of the year. They are in addition to pre-existing charging solutions Mobilize Power Solutions already provides to corporate customers in 11 European countries.

Mobilize Smart Charge: the assurance of battery charging at minimal cost and a reduced carbon footprint

Download the Mobilize Smart Charge app, plug in your All-new Megane E-TECH Electric and save money with automated charging management*.

The Mobilize Smart Charge app accounts for peaks in electricity production and use, and automatically modulates the electric vehicle’s charge depending on how much energy is available on the grid. The app stops the charging process when energy use exceeds production, and resumes charging when there is surplus energy back on grid. Hence, Mobilize Smart Charge helps keep a balanced grid and indirectly helps foster further integration of renewable energies. This added flexibility for the grid means financial gains for the customer who can track it all via the Mobilize Smart Charge app.

Lastly, customers can schedule charging to occur during off-peak hours offered by their electricity provider, making it very easy to make the most of cheaper rates.

Mobilize Smart Charge is available in France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The service will be made available in other European countries in the future.

*Also available on ZOE E-TECH Electric models made after November 2020 and Twingo E-TECH Electric. Vehicles must be equipped with the OpenR Link or EasyLink multimedia system.

Going on a trip: Mobilize Charge Pass makes it easy to access and pay for public charging stations

With a range of up to 470km**, the All-new Megane E-TECH Electric is made for long trips. Thanks to the Mobilize Charge Pass, a single card is all you need to recharge your car in 25 countries. Customers of the New Megane E-TECH Electric will also receive recharge credits*** that can be used across the entire network of stations covered by the pass.

Mobilize Charge Pass provides access to charging capabilities at more than 260,000 charging points. It is a service that gives peace of mind when travelling with an electric vehicle, particularly on motorways, thanks to the high-power IONITY charging stations that are included in the pass. Starting this summer, reduced rate subscriptions for the IONITY network will be available to all Mobilize Charge Pass cardholders.

Mobilize Charge Pass is already available in Germany, Spain, and Belgium, and will be rolled out in Italy, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, and Croatia along with the launch of the All-new Megane E-TECH Electric.

** WLTP cycle with ‘Evolution extended range’
***Offer available depending on the country

SOURCE: Mobilize

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