90 years of Bosch fuel filters

Nowadays, Bosch filters protect both the engine and the occupants inside the cabin

Way into the early days of the last century, impurities contained in fuel caused quite some engine breakdowns. Bosch solved this issue in 1930 by means of fuel filters protecting the injection systems of diesel – and later on also gasoline – engines against contaminants. Although the Bosch fuel filter first used 90 years ago was already pretty effective, it had to be cleaned quite often. A few years later, Bosch also found a solution for this: In 1936, a special paper was first used as filter medium. Although it has, of course, been improved and further developed ever since, this material is still used down to the present day because of its high cleaning efficiency.

Thanks to their high competence in the areas of injection systems and filters, Bosch development engineers also found solutions for other challenging issues related to engine technologies. In 1998, for instance, the Bosch common-rail diesel filter with water separator was launched onto the market. A special gasoline filter for in-tank units was developed in 2001 and a common-rail diesel filter for biodiesel engines in 2009. Fuel filters reliably separate particles and water from fuel and contribute to optimum engine performance. High-quality materials, thorough processing and stringent quality controls make sure filters for the workshop market meet the same standards as OE ones.

Filters for tomorrow’s mobility

Hybrid, electric or fuel-cell drives also need these unremarkable heavy workers at the engine compartments. After all, all of these powertrain systems need clean fuel, air, water or oil as a coolant or lubricant for their batteries and/or engines. In order to ensure flawless propulsion and high mileages, filters will thus remain indispensable – even in future. And cabin filters will also continue to ensure clean air inside the cabin.

For this purpose, Bosch offers an aftermarket filter range with a market coverage for passenger cars in Europe exceeding 95 percent – a range drivers also rely on. At the German magazine “auto motor und sport” reader’s poll 2019, Bosch was thus voted “Brest Brand” in the Filters category for the 14th time in a row.