40,000 orders in just eight months! Dacia Spring is democratising electric mobility

Spring is a success, with about 40,000 orders in eight months*

Since October, the first customers have been heading into Dacia dealerships with much excitement to pick up their Spring vehicles that were pre-ordered between March and June 2021.

The unprecedented pre-order program launched in several European countries (France, Italy, Germany, Romania, Spain, etc.) was a great success, with over 16,000 reservations in three months.

And it’s not over yet! Across Europe, in urban, suburban and rural areas, Spring continues to win new customers with an average of over 5,000 new orders per month since July.

By offering an all-electric city car with an SUV look at a widely accessible price, Dacia has shown it has its finger firmly on the pulse. Its ease of use and charging as well as its range of up to 305 km (WLTP city cycle, 230 km in WLTP combined) make it a relevant mobility tool for most Europeans who only drive around 30 km a day. All this at an unbeatable price, starting at €89 per month**.

Spring seduces customers who are already convinced of the hallmark features of Dacia vehicles: essential, robust, accessible, and the best value for money.

But above all, Spring is a conquest vehicle with a majority of customers buying a Dacia vehicle for the very first time (8 out of 10 in France).

With 40,000 orders in eight months, Spring is off to an excellent commercial start. By making electric mobility accessible to all, Spring is appealing both customers already familiar with the Dacia brand and a majority of new customers.

The r-EVolution is in motion!

Xavier Martinet, Dacia Sales & Marketing Director

* including 15,000 already delivered

** from €89/month in France – Leasing (including battery) over 49 months with a first rent of €7,114.00, reduced after deduction of the ecobonus to €2,499.70 (equivalent to the amount of the 2021 conversion bonus if applicable) and 48 rentals of €89.00.


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