2018 Financial results: Groupe Renault maintained its operating margin at a high level despite a more challenging environment in the second half

Sales were up 3.2% to 3.9 million units including Jinbei and Huasong brands as of January 1, 2018

Group revenues reached €57,419 million (-2.3%), including €3,040 million for AVTOVAZ (+11.5%). Excluding currency impact, Group revenues increased by 2.5%.

Automotive excluding AVTOVAZ revenues decreased -4.4% to €51,171 million, including the negative impact from the change in interest rate subsidies allocation between the Automotive excluding AVTOVAZ segment and Sales Financing of €555 million.

This change mainly reflects a negative currency effect of -4.1 points, lower volumes (-0.5 points) and sales to partners (-1.8 points). The downturn in sales to partners was mainly the result of the Iranian market closure and the decline in European demand for diesel. In contrast, the price effect was positive +1.4 points thanks to price increases in emerging countries as well as Europe. The model mix was slightly negative at -0.2 points. The “Others” effect (+0.8 points), including the aforementioned change in allocation, was due in particular to the strong performance of the used vehicle and spare parts activities, and lower sales with buy-back commitments.

The Group’s operating margin amounted to €3,612 million and represented 6.3% of revenues.

Automotive excluding AVTOVAZ operating margin was down €545 million to €2,204 million, which represented 4.3% of revenues compared to 5.1% in 2017. In addition to a negative volume effect of -€329 million, this decrease was largely explained by an unfavorable environment, both in respect of currency, with an impact of -€526 million, and raw materials (-€356 million). To offset these negative effects, the Group pursued its cost management policy resulting in a positive +€421 million from Monozukuri3 and price increases leading to a positive mix/price/enrichment effect of +€261 million.

The AVTOVAZ operating margin contribution rose to €204 million, compared to €55 million in 2017, and marked a new stage in the company’s recovery thanks to the success of its recently launched models in a recovering market and efforts to streamline costs. In addition, AVTOVAZ benefited, in 2018, from positive non-recurring effects.

Sales Financing contributed €1,204 million to the Group’s operating margin, compared to €1,050 million in 2017. This rise of nearly 15% was notably due to the good commercial performance in recent years.

Other operating income and expenses amounted to -€625 million (compared to -€48 million in 2017). This sharp deterioration stemmed mainly from two factors: on the one hand, the consequences of the Argentinean crisis for more than €200 million, and on the other hand, provisions notably relating to the early retirement program in France, for nearly €300 million.

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SOURCE: Renault