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1200 units of BYD DM-i PHEVs arrived in Colombia

Recently, 1200 units of BYD DM-i super hybrid vehicles have arrived in Colombia from Xi’an, China

Recently, 1200 units of BYD DM-i super hybrid vehicles have arrived in Colombia from Xi’an, China. The exported fleet consists of 200 units of BYD QIN PLUS DM-i and 1000 units of SONG PLUS DM-i, scaling all-time high for individual export volume of DM-i hybrid vehicles from BYD. It marks another step in BYD’s expansion into the Latin American market.

The BYD QIN PLUS DM-i and SONG PLUS DM-i were first launched in the Colombian market in March 2022. The two models, equipped with DM-i hybrid technology, were favored by Colombian consumers for their high fuel efficiency, long cruising range, and premium exterior and interior designs.

Since 2020, BYD has cooperated with its local distributor Motorysa to introduce a series of BYD new energy passenger vehicles to Colombia, including the large- and mid-sized luxury flagship HAN EV, luxury pure electric TANG SUV, and high-end plug-in hybrid models such as the QIN PLUS DM-i and SONG PLUS DM-i. BYD has delivered nearly 3,000 NEV models to Colombia to date. The company becomes one of the major new energy passenger vehicle brands in the local market, contributing to the green transformation of Colombia’s transportation.

BYD has launched its new energy products in major Latin American countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Uruguay. The brand has earned a reputation for its eco-friendly and high-tech products as BYD continues to promote the electrification of transportation in Latin America. With an increasing number of its NEV models being introduced overseas, BYD will create a new wave of green travel in the region.


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