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Automotive Megatrends magazine – Q4 2012

Automotive Megatrends - Issue OneAutomotive Megatrends magazine is free to download, and is designed to deliver exclusive content and insight related to Automotive World’s Automotive Megatrends events brand.

Issue 1, September 2012 includes interviews with:

  • Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor Company
  • Ian Shannon, Global R&D Manager, Passenger Car Motor Oils, Shell
  • Dr Lars Peter Thiesen, Manager, H2 & Fuel Cell Deployment Strategy, GM Europe Engineering
  • Joel Hoffmann, Treasurer, GENIVI Alliance
  • Jean-Marc Gales, Chief Executive, CLEPA

And features including:

  • The automotive industry is OPEN to Ethernet
  • The connected car’s long term evolution by Jürgen Hase, Deutsche Telekom
  • Volvo puts fun at the heart of safety and efficiency
  • Recycling: the key to aluminium’s automotive future
  • How connectivity and infotainment is shaping the vehicle interior and the in-car experience by Partha Goswami, GM
  • Karsan’s highly accessible vehicle (HAV)
  • Automotive components sourcing: where to next? by Jaychandran Pradeep, Beroe Consulting

Automotive Megatrends magazine – Issue 1 – is published by Automotive World in association with Shell.