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Automotive World Magazine – September 2020

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Automotive World Magazine – September 2020

Welcome to the September issue of Automotive World Magazine. This month we pay particular attention to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the automotive industry. There’s an in-depth case study into one supplier’s crisis response strategy as well as broader examinations around the outlook for the US market and the global commercial vehicle sector. Work is underway in some corners to develop a ‘COVID-ready’ vehicle, and Voyage’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive believes it could prove the saviour of shared mobility.

Meanwhile, Ford is preparing to welcome a new Chief Executive—and potentially a change in strategy—as Jim Farley takes over from Jim Hackett. He not only faces the challenge of a post-pandemic economy but also rapidly changing mobility preferences. Autonomous driving remains on everyone’s to-do list, and China is hoping to turn the 2022 Asian Games into a robotaxi showcase. Analysis also includes insights into the promise of mild-hybrid technology, the increasingly crowded LiDAR space and city preparations for autonomous vehicles.

In this issue:

  • New CEO to set faster pace for Ford’s transformation
  • What’s the post-COVID commercial vehicle outlook?
  • 2022 Asian Games could confirm China’s autonomous leadership
  • Nio: ‘AI will become one of our most intimate friends and companions’
  • Voyage’s ‘COVID-ready’ vehicle to salvage shared mobility
  • Who will succeed in the crowded LiDAR space?
  • Mild hybrids—a multi-billion euro growth opportunity alongside e-mobility?
  • How has COVID reshaped the US industry outlook?
  • How to make cities ready for autonomous vehicles, and AVs ready for cities
  • Interview: Paul Campion, Chief Executive, TRL
  • Apollo Tyres: COVID-19 response case study
  • Autonomy and shared mobility prompt charging innovation
  • ADAS nomenclature standards pave way for autonomous driving
  • Freight technology will help US trucking through the capacity crunch and beyond

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