Automotive World Magazine – October 2020

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Automotive World Magazine – October 2020

Welcome to the October issue of Automotive World Magazine. This month we take a deep dive into Lucid Motors’ strategy with its 517-mile range Air EV. That range is currently the best in the industry, but it comes at a cost. Chief Executive Peter Rawlinson explains the reasoning—and the potential game-changing technology—behind that.

Lucid will need to be careful in its promises, though, as the recent Nikola Motors scandal puts zero-emissions tech hype under scrutiny. The trucking company that is promising a range of hydrogen and electric heavy trucks abruptly lost its charismatic Chairman Trevor Milton. His departure follows allegations by Hindenburg Research that Milton oversold Nikola’s technology readiness. In this issue we explore what his absence might mean for a company that was as much tied to its leader as its business plan.

Analysis also includes a closer look into Ford’s approach to future-proofing, the expanded partnership between General Motors and Honda, the fleet perspective on the future of trucking and the potential impact that cyber crime will have on the progress of autonomous vehicles.

In this issue:

  • What’s the real value of the world’s most powerful and efficient electric sedan?
  • Where does Trevor Milton end and Nikola begin?
  • World EV Day: rivalry set aside for big picture focus
  • Tesla targets affordable EVs once more with new battery strategy
  • Ford’s Chief Technology Officer offers his take on future-proofing
  • How far will GM and Honda take their alliance?
  • Competition heating up in the zero-emissions delivery space
  • Federal policy and pandemic shape US electric vehicle outlook
  • Will cyber crime kill the automated vehicle?
  • Interview: Laura Major, Chief Technology Officer, Motional
  • Have tech giants beaten automakers to the robotaxi?
  • Could truck platooning be back on the table?
  • What do fleets want from the future of trucking?
  • Buyer beware: caution required in Industry 4.0 investments