Automotive World Magazine – June 2020

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Automotive World Magazine – June 2020

‘Chinese consumers celebrate the idea of AVs’

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for automotive industry stakeholders to balance liquidity and near-term survival with investment in long-term sustainability. Strategic leadership is essential—but so too is seizing the right opportunity.

“In big crisis there is always the biggest opportunity,” says Pininfarina’s Chief Executive in an exclusive Automotive World interview, offering much-needed optimism for an industry so heavily affected by the virus.

The industry giants may be struggling in the face of the pandemic, but they still command substantial war chests, and remain focused on the future. GM’s Chief Sustainability Officer talks to Automotive World about the importance not just of electrifying vehicles, but also their surroundings; and we take a closer look at how and why Ford is going about securing its place in the micromobility race. We hear, too, of the opportunities being pursued by newer players such as Waymo, Nikola and Einride.

Despite the currently challenging business environment, the autonomous vehicle race is gathering pace, particularly in China where Baidu and Didi have long had their sights set on leadership—but they now face serious competition from one of the most exciting companies in the AV space, AutoX. There may be apprehension about AVs in Europe and in North America—just look at PAVE’s recent research findings—but in China there’s a major opportunity. As Megan Lampinen learned when she spoke to Jewel Li, AutoX’s Chief Operating Officer, “Chinese consumers celebrate the idea of AVs”.

In this issue:

  • Chinese start-up eyes robotaxi leadership
  • Ford’s collaborative approach to micromobility pleases city planners
  • Interview: Dane Parker, Chief Sustainability Officer, General Motors
  • Pininfarina draws on history to prepare for the future of motoring
  • ‘Jeep hack’ dismissed on the basis of speculation
  • For Waymo, taking the AV mainstream relies on public acceptance
  • Interview: Isaac Sloan, Chief Information Officer, Nikola Motor Company
  • German court ruling keeps Volkswagen Dieselgate going strong
  • Intel doubles down on robotaxi bet
  • Trucking already on the fast-track to electrification, says Einride
  • Toyota braces for 80% drop in profit
  • Could the UK lead the hydrogen fuel cell bus charge?
  • Auto industry urged to take proactive stance on climate change
  • COMMENT: Uber needs to deliver to overcome its profit dilemma