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Automotive World Magazine – December 2020

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Automotive World Magazine – December 2020

Welcome to the December issue of Automotive World Magazine. It’s been five years since Dieselgate first broke, sending shock waves through the industry and rewriting the rulebook for emissions transparency. But perhaps there’s more work to be done. This month we take a closer look at a potential new emissions testing crisis brewing around plug-in hybrid vehicles. Initially hailed as an eco-friendly stepping stone to full battery electric, recent research suggests real-world performance falls far short of automaker promises.

Analysis also includes a deep dive into Elaphe Propulsion, whose Chief Executive offers an inside take on the company’s revolutionary approach to battery electric vehicle propulsion. It doesn’t get much more revolutionary, though, than what’s going on at New Horizons Studio, where Hyundai is creating transformer vehicles that can switch out wheels for legs. We also hear from Invers founder Uwe Latsch, the man who claims to have invented automated vehicle sharing 30 years ago.

In this issue:

  • Emission testing crisis shifts from diesels to plug-in hybrids
  • When wheels meet legs: Hyundai aims for unprecedented mobility
  • Battery swap revisited
  • Interview: Gorazd Lampic, Chief Executive, Elaphe Propulsion Technologies
  • Behind the hype, fuel cell trucks remain a viable technology, say experts
  • COMMENT: Will brand Tesla ever run out of charge?
  • From CASE to COVID: VW Group CEO shares headwind strategy
  • Do tech tie-ups mean truckmakers risk becoming white goods manufacturers?
  • COMMENT: How to pivot autonomous drive strategies in the post-pandemic period
  • Risky business: the hidden costs of EV battery raw materials
  • Automated vehicle sharing: from origins to outlook
  • How will biometric sensing influence automotive HMI?
  • COMMENT: US election results to colour future mobility agenda
  • How test tracks are accelerating autonomous vehicle research

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