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Automotive World Magazine – April 2021

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine - April 2021

Welcome to this April edition of Automotive World Magazine, where we explore some of the latest advances in electric vehicle (EV) battery technology. New research around the understanding of oxygen-redox materials could allow for a dramatic increase in the cathode energy density of lithium-ion batteries, while highly anticipated solid-state units look poised for imminent market debut from several sources. A deep dive into battery swap with the co-founders of California start-up Ample, however, suggests this alternative route is a gaining momentum. Analysis also addresses the pressing question: does hydrogen have a home in mobility?

Beyond the powertrain, this issue takes a closer look at the prospects for multimodal mobility and the question of whether or not this will be possible without incorporating the third dimension. Jaiwon Shin, Hyundai Motor Group President and head of its Urban Air Mobility Division, warns that ground transport alone will not be able to cope with growing urban populations.

Meanwhile, it looks like the rumours of StreetSctooer’s demise were greatly exaggerated, Volkswagen has opened up with details on its autonomous van plans and Volvo and Geely have refined their collaboration strategy in light of new mobility pressures.

In this issue:

  • Does hydrogen have a home in mobility?
  • Multi-modal mobility success hinges on cracking the third dimension
  • Power to the people: battery swapping could bring EVs to the masses
  • VW ramps up commercial vehicle automation
  • Fuel cells not the only route to hydrogen trucking
  • StreetScooter: from dissolution to bidding war in one year
  • Could truck platooning ease regulator autonomy concerns?
  • The solid-state EV battery is taking shape
  • Power in your pocket: what’s the future of the car smartphone app?
  • Geely and Volvo scrap merger plans for closer partnership
  • Research breakthrough opens door to battery energy density improvements
  • Augmented reality is space-saving and autonomy enabling
  • Dashboard displays will be the hub of the connected vehicle
  • VW prepares for second wave of battery industrialisation

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