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Mr V. Saminathan, Innovation Manager and Technical Professional, Electronic Systems Design, Visteon, confirmed for Automotive Megatrends India 2015

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Mr V. Saminathan, Innovation Manager and Technical Professional, Electronic Systems Design, Visteon has been confirmed as a panellist in the Connected Car stream at Automotive Megatrends India 2015. Mr. Saminathan heads the Visteon India Innovation Team and is a Tech Professional for Electronic System Design at Visteon. Overall he has ...

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Tesla’s Model 3 is on the way

Tesla Motors

After threatened lawsuits and obstacles with the name of the Model E, Tesla has announced that its third-generation car will be called the Model 3, and will be available in 2017. Tesla has said the car will cost around US$35,000, which is half the price of the Model S. An ...

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EV charging company expanding European operations

While the figures are still relatively low, electric vehicle (EV) sales are on the rise. In June 2014, over 4,000 plug-in EVs, or hybrids were registered in the UK. For pure electric vehicles there were 661 units sold in June 2014, an increase of 246.1% from June 2013. Research by ...

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ICE improvements funded by UK government

Ford EcoBoost 1.0 litre engine

While many OEMs are now offering hybrid, electric, or fuel cell engines in their line-up, there has been a realisation over the past few years that there are significant improvements to be made to internal combustion engines (ICEs). This has become a focus for OEMs and suppliers, with R&D projects ...

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Jaguar makes the move to efficient engines

Jaguar Land Rover Ingenium engine

OEMs have increasingly been looking into powertrain efficiency, and getting the best out of ICE engines. Whether this is through downsizing, turbocharging or lightweighting, OEMs have had significant success. Ford’s EcoBoost engines and GM’s Ecotec range are proving hugely successful, as consumers can get the same power while improving fuel ...

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