‘Self-healing’ vehicle platform could be crucial in data boom

Over-the-air updates could prove extremely important as vehicles become increasingly connected and autonomous, writes Michael Nash

Recalls in 2017 topped new heights, with incidents such as the Volkswagen diesel scandal and the Takata debacle having a huge impact on the industry. Also, among Audi, Ford and Fiat Chrysler alone, around 1.3 million vehicles were recalled due to software glitches.

This latter issue could create many challenges as the trends of connectivity and autonomous driving spur a dramatic rise in the amount of data vehicles produce and process. Zohar Fox, Chief Executive and co-founder of Israel-based start-up Aurora Labs, hopes to provide solutions that allow cars to be ‘self-healing’. This essentially describes the combined use of intelligent diagnostics and over-the-air (OTA) updates to identify and correct any issues in the software.

Speaking to Automotive World, Fox provided more information on what a self-healing car looks like and how it could change the shape of the automotive industry….