Safe, secure, convenient: why biometrics has a place in mobility

The consumer electronics industry has made significant strides in the field of biometrics. The automotive sector is following, writes Freddie Holmes

Special report: Could biometrics be the key to the future of mobility?

Biometrics systems have been used to great effect in a wide array of industries, bringing increased security and convenience to processes that might otherwise be time consuming and easy to hack.

The term describes the measurement of human characteristics, including physical shape and emotional state. Having found its feet in consumer electronics, it is becoming an important technology for future mobility, with implications for everything from privately owned cars and shared vehicles to autonomous shuttles.

Biometrics is primarily used to optimise access control. In the automotive space, this could mean entering and starting a vehicle, activating systems and uploading profiles, or paying for services through the car. At its heart, there are a few key benefits to consider.

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