Polestar addresses the inconvenience of public EV charging

A new partnership with Plugsurfing will provide a master key for many of Europe’s charging stations. By Freddie Holmes

Special report: Is the infrastructure ready for an electric vehicle future?

The early days of electric vehicle (EV) ownership can be challenging for drivers who have transitioned away from diesel and gasoline cars. Range anxiety aside, a lasting frustration has been the requirement to become a member of numerous charging service providers.

Those who can frequent the same public charger each time will not be familiar with such inconvenience, but those with less of a set routine can find public charging a real hassle. It is not uncommon for EV drivers to have a wallet full of membership cards, and a smartphone with numerous apps, to ensure they can access any given public charging station.

Steps are being made to eliminate much of that hassle by offering a single payment method that covers multiple providers….