Near-term benefits of ADAS cannot be ignored, says supplier

Continental’s Head of Autonomous Driving explains why proven technologies should be adopted sooner rather than later. By Freddie Holmes

Specialist developers and major automakers might take the headlines with regards to autonomous vehicle (AV) testing, but Tier 1 suppliers are also making strides in the field.

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Like most other systems and components in a finished vehicle, Tier 1 suppliers develop much of the hardware and software that underpins an AV. This means that as well as evaluating how the vehicle drives itself, close scrutiny is also placed on how their various sub-systems and software programmes perform.

Andree Hohm is Head of Continental’s Autonomous Driving programme, and is based in Germany. He explains that Tier 1s make up part of a “shared effort” to ensure that autonomous driving technologies are safe. Typically, the validation process…