Interview: Dennis Nobelius, Chief Executive, Zenuity

Newly-formed autonomous driving specialist Zenuity is well placed in the industry. Freddie Holmes talks to the CEO of the Volvo-Autoliv JV about the trends influencing the deployment of driverless cars

As the industry pushes forwards in the pursuit of automated vehicle technology, it has become evident that OEMs are choosing not to work in solidarity, either through necessity or in an effort to stay ahead of the pack, and instead are forming new partnerships and in some cases, new companies.

Back in January 2017, Volvo Cars and Autoliv, a leading supplier of automotive safety technologies, formed a separate joint venture to develop advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving software. With Volvo Cars providing the vehicles, Autoliv providing the hardware and Zenuity bringing the software, it is a strong partnership on paper. It is not the only company to have been born out of an existing brand, and underlining the trend, Delphi recently separated its autonomous driving and future mobility portfolio into a separate firm called Aptiv.

A year down the line, Automotive World caught up with Chief Executive of Zenuity and a former director at Volvo Cars, Dennis Nobelius, to find out how the autonomous vehicle landscape is developing….