How is GM tackling the EV charging challenge?

GM’s Manager of Electric Vehicle Charging & Infrastructure wants to make sure nobody sees charging as an obstacle to EV ownership, writes Megan Lampinen

General Motors has committed itself to an all-electric future—a bold move from a company that built its global reputation on internal combustion engine excellence. But it’s indicative of the larger industry transformation towards Vision Zero: zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.

Automotive World Magazine – March 2020

One of the manufacturer’s biggest contributions to this cleaner future is its offering of low-emission models. The Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid broke new ground with its range capabilities, and the Bolt set the benchmark for pure battery electric motoring. Moving forward, the automaker will introduce at least 20 new electric vehicles (EVs) to the market over the next several years, but there’s more to EV penetration than just model offering.

Charging infrastructure could make or break the segment, and that’s where Kelly Helfrich and her team come in. Helfrich is GM’s Manager of Electric Vehicle Charging & Infrastructure, tasked with ensuring that nobody sees charging infrastructure as a reason to not purchase an EV….