EVs present new opportunity for carbon fibre en masse

While carbon fibre composites are primarily seen in high performance vehicles, the material’s superior strength-to-weight ratio could prove attractive for electric vehicle manufacturers – cost permitting. Freddie Holmes speaks to carbon fibre specialist Prodrive to find out more

The luxury and performance markets may hold the lion’s share of carbon fibre in the automotive industry, but electric vehicles (EVs) could be the material’s next stomping ground.

With an emphasis on weight reduction without compromising crash safety, carbon composites may find an expanded range of use cases in key structural areas of these vehicles. For now, however, the material has little scope for use in the wider mass market.

Banbury, UK-based supplier Prodrive is a leader in this field, and offers end-to-end carbon composite solutions ranging from the design of parts, right through to finished goods – be it in a …