Europe ‘by far’ the global leader in road safety, says Euro NCAP

Vehicle testing protocols and updated road safety policies will spearhead a push for ever safer roads, writes Freddie Holmes

New cars sold in Europe are considered some of the safest available. With a new wave of active safety technologies filtering in, the next generation of models look poised to make European roads even safer.

Europe’s new vehicle market: prospects to 2025 and beyond

The hope is that standard fitment of collision mitigation technologies and driver monitoring systems (DMS) could bring about a significant reduction to both serious and fatal crashes. Legislation will soon be introduced to this effect. From 2022, new cars and vans sold in Europe must be fitted with a raft of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) as standard. These include automatic emergency braking (AEB), driver distraction and fatigue warning and lane-keep assistance systems.

“Europe remains by far the…