Edge computing and 5G central to Barcelona’s connected car plan

Localised servers and antennas are already showing their worth in Barcelona. A roadmap is in place to connect the entire country, writes Freddie Holmes

Barcelona has pledged to become a European ‘5G hub’ and is deep into the process of testing near-term use cases. Leading telecoms provider Telefonica has been working closely with numerous stakeholders to support the city’s ambitions.

Special report: 5G connectivity in automotive

There are many reasons why a city would roll out a 5G network, but connected car functions are proving one of the more attractive examples. Some features can already be supported through 4G LTE connectivity, but 5G is poised to become the new standard. Compared to 4G, the fifth-generation cellular network supports far greater bandwidth and far lower latency: more data can be sent in less time.

Speak with the city through 5G

Telefonica has worked closely with domestic automaker SEAT for a number of years, both…