Dirty diesels hiding behind Euro 6 label, says NGO

T&E’s Julia Poliscanova tells Freddie Holmes that the diesel industry has been getting away with false claims for too long, and expects a combination of bans and tightening regulations to enact change

Over two years have passed since the breaking of the Volkswagen defeat device scandal in 2015, and many vehicles that were shown to have flunked emissions targets are still not up to scratch; a multitude of vehicles may bear Euro 6 certification, but in fact produce harmful emissions dangerously above the set standards when operating in real driving scenarios. Indeed, some Euro 6 diesels have even been shown to have higher NOx emissions than older Euro 5 models.

That’s according to Brussels-based environmental action group Transport & Environment (T&E), which has been lobbying for the automotive industry, governments and regulators to better tackle air pollution.

In November 2016, analysis from the group showed that…