Daimler and Volvo JV marks vote of confidence for fuel cell trucking

Megan Lampinen speaks to the trucking giants about their new fuel cell joint venture

The truck industry has run predominately on diesel for years, but societal and regulatory pressures to clean up emissions are forcing automakers to invest in alternative technologies. Under the European Green Deal, the region aims to become carbon neutral by 2050. Electrification of road transport is a key element of that. For trucks, this comes in two forms: batteries to store electricity or hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity. While battery electric configurations are proving popular in return to base applications and light commercial vehicles, hydrogen is seen as a better fit for long-haul applications.

Automotive World Magazine – May 2020

The technology just received a massive vote of confidence in the form of a new joint venture between two industry heavy-weights. Daimler Trucks and Volvo Group are pooling resources to develop and commercialise fuel cells for trucks and stationary applications. Daimler Trucks Chief Executive Martin Daum hailed this as an “historic day in trucking” and the highlight of his 30-year career….