Convenience, dynamics and desire – Renault’s vision for mass market EVs

Freddie Holmes speaks to Renault’s Remi Bastien about the brand’s strategy to catalyse EV adoption. The OEM believes its roots in Formula E could transfer well to high-performance models in future

Sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are set to surge over the next couple of decades, according to recent analysis from ING Bank, which projects that BEVs will account for all new European passenger car sales by 2035.

In order to catalyse BEV sales, manufacturers are investing heavily to improve driving range and performance, while governments continue to offer subsidies. Consumers are now faced with an increasingly attractive prospect when it comes to e-mobility: heavily subsidised new cars that offer a high degree of functionality with low running costs.

This is a perfect storm, says Remi Bastien, Vice President, Automotive Prospective at Renault Group, which has been brewing for a number of reasons. Considering the …