‘Business context’ key to unlocking true value of AI, says ZF

The industry believes AI can help to optimise data-driven mobility operations. Freddie Holmes speaks to ZF’s head of data monetisation to learn more

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a relatively new challenge for the automotive industry, and there remains ambiguity as to just how useful AI can be. However, both established players and new entrants believe there are real opportunities to unlock new value. ZF is one of several Tier 1s that has developed a keen interest in the technology, and how it may translate into business solutions for customers in the mobility space. Meanwhile, Continental has its Artificial Intelligence & Robotics labs, and Bosch has run an in-house Center for Artificial Intelligence since 2017.

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Gahl Berkooz is Vice President of Data Monetisation and Venture Acceleration at ZF. At a basic level, he and his team scout opportunities to create new revenue streams from the data being generated by the technologies ZF provides in new vehicles. Importantly, monetisation in this capacity does not mean selling off raw data. “We sell business solutions that use AI to leverage that data,” Berkooz explained.

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