Automated vehicle sharing: from origins to outlook

Megan Lampinen speaks to Invers' founder, Uwe Latsch, who claims to have invented automated vehicle sharing 30 years ago

Automotive World Magazine – December 2020

Shared mobility is securing a starring role in the wider vision of multi-modal transport. From shared mopeds and bikes to carpooling and ride-hailing, these services offer convenient, affordable transport options. But no matter how great the business model, it won’t work without a strong technology base, and Invers aims to provide just that. “We focus on solving the technological challenges that come with shared mobility, such as telematics, API, and connectivity,” says Uwe Latsch, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Invers.

But more than that, Invers prides itself as being a pioneer in the shared mobility sector, with claims of having invented automated vehicle sharing back in the early 1990s in a small German town not far from Cologne. Speaking to Automotive World, Latsch shares the back story on his company’s origins and the core idea that is now helping to shape the global mobility roadmap….