Auto industry aligns decarbonisation targets with future mobility goals

Autonomous and electric vehicles can be developed in a way that accommodates climate change efforts, but it will take time and money. By Freddie Holmes

Special report: How is the auto industry addressing climate change?

The automotive industry has barrelled head first into the megatrends of connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility and powertrain electrification. The aim is to create safer, cleaner and more accessible means of transportation, and is a direct riposte to the threats of mounting road fatalities, climate change and urbanisation.

However, the industry must ensure that these solutions are developed in a way that accommodates broader climate change goals. With battery electric vehicles (BEVs) leveraging electricity that may have been generated by the burning of coal, and autonomous vehicles (AVs) requiring vast off-site data storage and processing, there is a risk that future mobility could hinder climate change efforts….