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Rising engine power mirrored by performance brake demand

Today’s engine power is higher than ever, meaning that brakes built with the racetrack in mind are now reaching the mainstream. By Xavier Boucherat

If there is one iconic braking brand, that honour is almost certainly Brembo’s. The Italian supplier’s signature bright red callipers are immediately recognisable. The aesthetics are a part of how the company rose to prominence, with its high-tech, stylised callipers, built to take pride of place on the wheel, arriving at a time when brakes were mostly hidden from view.

But whilst the company is largely associated with pricier models, the company does business with virtually every OEM. Dan Sandberg is the Chief Executive of Brembo North America, the company’s largest market, accounting for 28% of company sales. As he explains in this Automotive World interview, trends now driving the mass market mean that demands are now aligning with those seen in the high-performance market….

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