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Interview: Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and Chief Executive, what3words

what3words is introducing greater precision into the whole navigation process in a way that could prove pivotal to the arrival of self-driving vehicles in the future. Megan Lampinen talks to its CEO and Co-founder

An innovative take on mapping and address location by a London start-up could revolutionise vehicle navigation. Any navigation system is only as good as the address data it uses, and often that data is vague, inaccurate or non-existent. what3words has developed a new coordinate system that breaks down every location on the planet into 3-metre x 3-metre squares and assigns each square its own unique three-word name. There are 57 trillion of these squares out there but with the unique three-word marker there is no chance of an in-car GPS confusing one Victoria Street with another Victoria Street.

The promise of this new technology recently attracted the attention of Daimler, which plans to introduce the address system as a standard navigation solution in certain Mercedes-Benz models sometime in the next six months. Automotive World caught up with what3words Co-founder and Chief Executive Chris Sheldrick to hear more about the potential applications for the automotive industry….

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