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Carbon fibre enables more than just lightweighting, says Daimler

Daimler’s Karl-Heinz Füller speaks to Freddie Holmes about the importance of leveraging lightweight material strategies for more than just overall weight reduction. By Freddie Holmes

Lightweighting has become something of a fine art, but as the trend has progressed in recent decades, innovation has slowed somewhat. Efforts are being driven both by suppliers and OEMs, and some vehicle manufacturers are lucky enough to have low-volume outlets dedicated to more niche elements of vehicle design.

AMG is the sports car and performance brand of Mercedes-Benz. The SLS, the AMG GT and other vehicles which differ from the Mercedes-Benz models in technical and visual terms give Mercedes-AMG its own authentic identity. Furthermore, AMG is Daimler’s sports spearhead and presents an opportunity for the OEM to develop and apply innovative technologies, which in some cases can later be phased into the company’s wider strategy. AMG engineers cover the complete vehicle development process, and are also involved in the Mercedes-Benz development processes at a very early stage….

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