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Automotive painting and coating sector – a quick guide

Now is an exciting time for the automotive painting and coating industry, as it faces up to challenges ranging from multi-material assemblies to e-mobility. By Xavier Boucherat

The global painting and coating market is worth in the region of US$130bn, and last year the automotive coatings market accounted for approximately US$11.57bn of that. A 2016 report from MarketsandMarkets suggests this could grow to US$16.24bn by 2021. The process of painting and coating cars incorporates several players, from OEMs, to paint suppliers such as PPG, to industrial automation suppliers such as Durr, to chemical suppliers such as Henkel.

As the automotive industry moves through a period of rapid change, so too will the painting and coating sector. The challenges and opportunities ahead could prove as varied and colourful as the cars themselves. This article highlights some of the key issues in automotive painting and coating….

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